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  • Calais store ZAC Marcel Doret
    rue de Marcel Dassault
    62100 Calais
    GPS. 50.953955, 1.907978
  • Managers
    Stephane Bernard & RENALD PLOUVIN
    Email: sales@pidou.com
    Tel: +33 3 21 96 78 10
    Fax: +33 3 21 97 84 36
  • Closed until end of UK LOCKDOWN Excellent parking facilities
  • (24 hours security)
    Facility for toilet waste disposal
    for coaches/caravans
    Rest  area 


Tasting Area

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Calais News Report
Along with being a popular choice for those in search of value for money wine,
Calais is a welcoming city that has lots to offer tourists and day-tripper visitors.

 Calais is a coastal town found in the Pas-de-Calais area of France, and is a hidden gem which should not be missed. It has a a number of delicious seafood restaurants in cosy fishing villages along the coast, and offers miles of stunning, sandy beaches.
It’s a historic city that has a number of stunning landmarks, just a stone's throw from Calais Port - perfect for exploring during your visit.