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France, 18.00% 1L , £12.05/l
A litre-bottle of orange-based liqueur with a bittersweet flavour, Picon is best served as an ape...
£12.05 13.50€
Canada, 40.00% 70cl , £17.73/l
£12.41 13.90€
Barbados, 18.00% 1L , £12.50/l
Liqueur flavored white rum from the Caribbean to the coconuts.
£12.50 14.00€
France, 37.50% 50cl , £25.00/l
Colour: Colourless, shimmering Nose: Neutral, Slight aroma of alcohol Palate: Pleasant, powerful ...
£12.50 14.00€
Italy, 15.00% 70cl , £17.86/l
Aperol was originally produced bu the Barbieri company based in Padua,but is now produced by Camp...
£12.50 14.00€
Netherlands, 17.00% 70cl , £17.86/l
£12.50 14.00€
2 for £24
France, 42.00% 70cl , £18.49/l
Colour:Colourless, shimmering Nose: Neutral Palate: Elegant and powerful Serving condition degres...
£12.95 14.50€
France, 37.50% 1L , £12.95/l
Vodka produced with a selection of the best grains and distilled three times to obtain a unique p...
£12.95 14.50€
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U.k., 37.50% 70cl , £18.56/l
£12.99 14.55€
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Calais News Report
Along with being a popular choice for those in search of value for money wine,
Calais is a welcoming city that has lots to offer tourists and day-tripper visitors.

 Calais is a coastal town found in the Pas-de-Calais area of France, and is a hidden gem which should not be missed. It has a a number of delicious seafood restaurants in cosy fishing villages along the coast, and offers miles of stunning, sandy beaches.
It’s a historic city that has a number of stunning landmarks, just a stone's throw from Calais Port - perfect for exploring during your visit.