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Belgium, 7.00% 25cl , £4.46/l
Blond ale with fruity aromas brewed with: water drawn from beneath the Brewery, ( barley ) malt, ...
£1.12 1.25€
Belgium, 3.50% 25cl , £4.82/l
Light red beer, sweet aromas, dominated by cherries, on a woody background and acid notes. It is ...
£1.21 1.35€
Belgium, 6.70% 33cl , £3.65/l
Brown dress with abundant beige foam Aromas of malt and fruit. Flavors of malt, fruit, caramel an...
£1.21 1.35€
Belgium, 3.50% 25cl , £5.00/l
By combining several varieties of apples to their young Lambic less than a year, they were able t...
£1.25 1.40€
Belgium, 2.50% 25cl , £5.00/l
AT THE EYE Dark pink color that is covered with a slightly pink foam. AT NOSE Powerful aromas of ...
£1.25 1.40€
Belgium, 5.00% 25cl , £5.18/l
It contains aromatic malt, hops Kent and Hallertau. It is both fruity and slightly sweet with a f...
£1.29 1.45€
Belgium, 3.50% 25cl , £5.18/l
AT THE EYE Red dress, creamy mousse AT NOSE Aroma of blackcurrant, red fruits TO THE MOUTH Flavor...
£1.29 1.45€
Belgium, 6.50% 33cl , £4.06/l
petrus blond ale is a top-fermented beer.brewed with pure sp ring water and carefully selected ho...
£1.34 1.50€
Belgium, 7.50% 33cl , £4.20/l
It is a dark beer with a dense and unctuous foam. On the nose, aromas of spicy hops and hay. A ta...
£1.38 1.55€
Belgium, 6.60% 33cl , £4.46/l
Queue de charrue blond ale is a top-fermented beer.Brewed which pure spring water and carefully s...
£1.47 1.65€
Belgium, 6.50% 33cl , £4.73/l
La Trappe Trappist ale has been brewed by the Koningshoeven brewery at the Cistercian abbey of On...
£1.56 1.75€
Belgium, 5.40% 33cl , £4.73/l
Queue charrue old brown is a typical flemish red brown beer that acquires its ineffable bitter-sw...
£1.56 1.75€
Belgium, 8.00% 33cl , £4.73/l
Deep hazel-brown colour, big body, malt palate.
£1.56 1.75€
Belgium, 6.50% 33cl , £4.87/l
£1.61 1.80€
Belgium, 6.00% 33cl , £5.01/l
it is well balanced, a unique wedding of Season and white beer. It is sparkling, golden, slightly...
£1.65 1.85€
Belgium, 4.00% 25cl , £6.79/l
lambic beer contains water, cherry juice & cherry
£1.70 1.90€
Belgium, 10.50% 33cl , £5.14/l
APPEARANCE: pale yellow dress, sparkling rock. Therefore. AROMA : Aromas both malty, fruity and s...
£1.70 1.90€
Belgium, 7.00% 33cl , £5.14/l
Herbaceous aromas and fresh hops Complex contrast between softness and bitterness
£1.70 1.90€
Belgium, 7.00% 33cl , £5.28/l
Chimay Rouge is a beautiful amber beer . Brewed by Cistercian monks of the Abbey of Scourmont is ...
£1.74 1.95€
Belgium, 7.00% 33cl , £5.28/l
The Trappe Dubbel is a Trappist beer with a strong and sweet character and full of flavours, the ...
£1.74 1.95€
Belgium, 7.00% 25cl , £7.14/l
AT THE EYE Golden robe accompanied by a white foam and consistent. AT NOSE Malty and fruity aroma...
£1.79 2.00€
Belgium, 9.50% 33cl , £5.41/l
Dressed in a gown of rich golden blonde, this religious exhibits on its entry into the glass a wh...
£1.79 2.00€
Belgium, 8.50% 33cl , £5.41/l
its bouquet is lively and tickles the nose with an element of citrus which even tends towards gra...
£1.79 2.00€
Belgium, 11.00% 33cl , £5.41/l
belgian beer, Top fermented Top Ale 12% ABV Kasteel beer is nan easily digestive beer,crystal cle...
£1.79 2.00€
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Calais News Report
Along with being a popular choice for those in search of value for money wine,
Calais is a welcoming city that has lots to offer tourists and day-tripper visitors.

 Calais is a coastal town found in the Pas-de-Calais area of France, and is a hidden gem which should not be missed. It has a a number of delicious seafood restaurants in cosy fishing villages along the coast, and offers miles of stunning, sandy beaches.
It’s a historic city that has a number of stunning landmarks, just a stone's throw from Calais Port - perfect for exploring during your visit.